Video: Alternative feathers save Macaws!

Meet Jesus Chávez Barrios, he is native of the Beni Department, and is one of Armonía’s best educators. Jesus works with Moxeño-Trinitario youth to save Macaws in Beni by promoting the use of alternative feathers to build the famous Machetero headdresses, which is a traditional indigenous dance of Beni.


Armonía conducted over 70 workshops throughout the Llanos of Beni (also known as Llanos de Moxos) where the Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaw inhabits. Thanks to Armonia’s work we are protecting biodiversity and culture.


Please help us to save the most threatened bird species of Bolivia.



We thank our international partners and individual donors for the achievements of the Alternative feathers for headdresses/ Blue-throated Macaw program – we cannot save the species or empower our people without your generous support.

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