Laney Rickman Reserve Reports

Blue-throated Macaw chicks at Laney Rickman Reserve 2019
(Márton Hardy – Asociación Armonía)

Asociación Armonía created a second Blue-throated Macaw Reserve in August 2018, the Laney Rickman Reserve (681ha/1.683ac). This reserve is protecting vital breeding habitat in the Southern subpopulation. The Laney Rickman Blue-throated Macaw Reserve is managed to promote an increased breeding population, with additional nest boxes and habitat management to improve macaw foraging species.

Laney Rickman Blue-throated Macaw Reserve Annual Report – June 2019

The 2018-2019 breeding season was highlighted with the highest ever reproduction result since Armonía started the nest box program. A total of 9 nest boxes were used and 12 Blue-throated Macaw chicks fledged into the wild population. A total of 81 Blue-throated Macaws left Armonía’s nest boxes to date.

Read the full  2019 Annual Report HERE

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