Volunteer Opportunities at Barba Azul Nature Reserve and Laney Rickman Reserve

Have you ever considered volunteering your time for the greater good and coming away with the experience of a lifetime? Do you enjoy working hard and dream of your efforts having a lasting impact? Are you motivated to work for the conservation of wildlife and their habitats? Are you especially interested in the Blue-throated Macaw, an endemic species in Bolivia with Critically Endangered status? Volunteering at Barba Azul Nature Reserve or the Laney Rickman Nature Reserve could be for you!

As with every once-in-a-lifetime experience, it is best to be informed about what the experience entails, whether it is a good fit for you, and what the application process involves. Please download the Blue-throated Macaw Volunteer Program Information Sheet for the answers to all of your questions.

We look forward to meeting and working with many new people for the good of the macaws!

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