Get Birds of Bolivia Field Guide

Where to buy Birds of Bolivia Field  Guide?

This field guide is currently available for sale in the US. and Bolivia. If you would like to purchase the book in the US. please send us a mail to with the subject “Birds of Bolivia”. If your are in Bolivia, you can buy the book at the following distribution points:



Volunteer: César Pérez Rueda – He Speak English, not fluent but good enough for you to purchase the book.
Phone: ++591-4245560
WhatsApp/Cell phone: ++591 – 68533720 – please call before going there.
Address: 947, Alcides Arguedas st.
Price is: 50 USD or 350 BOB.
Please call with one day of anticipation

La Paz

America Tours (English fluent)
Address: 1490, 16 de Julio Av. (El Prado), Office No 9
Phone number: ++591 – 2 – 2374204
Price is: 50 USD or 350 BOB.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Centro Simón I Patiño (English fluent) (ventas hasta el 14 de dic)
Address: Independencia st. And Federico Figueroa St.
Phone number: ++591- 3- 3372425
Price is: 50 USD or 350 BOB.

Oficina de Armonía Asociación Armonía (ventas hasta el 21 de dic)
Dir: Av. Lomas de Arena # 400, Zona Palmasola, Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Phone number: ++ 591 – 3 – 3568808
Price is: 50 USD or 350 BOB.

Lewy Libros,
Address: Junín St. No 229
Phone numbers: +591 – 3360865, +591 – 3360709
Price is: 450 BOB with official receipt.

Café Restaurant Florin
Address: Calle Bolívar #567
Phone number: ++591 -4 – 6451313
Price is: 50 USD or 350 BOB.


Calle Alejandro del Carpio 659 Oficinas de PROMETA
Teléfono: 6641880
Price is: 50 USD or 350 BOB.

Armonía has years of experience coupling conservation and awareness raising with improved livelihoods and living standards for local communities. Following this vision, all revenues from the book sales will be reinvested into the country’s sustainable development.

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