Red-fronted Macaw Fundraising Campaign: SUCCESS!


  Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we raised 20,000 USD to build a deep-well and a tree nursery to help locals at the drought-stricken Red-fronted Macaw Community Nature Reserve. We are thrilled to announce that with the help of our generous supporters we reached our goal of…

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Bird of the Month February: Bolivian Blackbird

February   Bolivian Blackbird Scientific name: Oreopsar bolivianus Spanish name: Tordo Boliviano Status: Least Concern (IUCN red list of endangered species) Habitat and behaviour: Habitat and behavior: Fairly common in dry scrub, open river-edge woodlands and agricultural fields, in the inter Andean dry valleys of central Bolivia. It can also be…

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Polylepis forests: saving a biodiversity hotspot of the tropical Andes


Polylepis forest once covered the slopes of the tropical Andes from Venezuela to Argentina, today the distribution of the slow-growing tree is very fragmented. In Bolivia less than 10% of the original forests survive.   Scattered and diminishing Polylepis woodlands are important hotspots for biodiversity conservation in the Tropical Andes.…

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Video: Alternative feathers save Macaws!


Meet Jesus Chávez Barrios, he is native of the Beni Department, and is one of Armonía’s best educators. Jesus works with Moxeño-Trinitario youth to save Macaws in Beni by promoting the use of alternative feathers to build the famous Machetero headdresses, which is a traditional indigenous dance of Beni.  …

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Successful firefighting at Barba Azul Nature Reserve


In the heart of the 2016 dry season, thousands of man-made fires started daily in the Beni Department of Bolivia as ranchers burn their grasslands to improve pasture for their livestock. These fires pose a direct threat to the Barba Azul Nature Reserve, where the Barba Azul field team, firemen,…

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