Polylepis forests: saving a biodiversity hotspot of the tropical Andes


Polylepis forest once covered the slopes of the tropical Andes from Venezuela to Argentina, today the distribution of the slow-growing tree is very fragmented. In Bolivia less than 10% of the original forests survive.   Scattered and diminishing Polylepis woodlands are important hotspots for biodiversity conservation in the Tropical Andes.…

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Successful firefighting at Barba Azul Nature Reserve


In the heart of the 2016 dry season, thousands of man-made fires started daily in the Beni Department of Bolivia as ranchers burn their grasslands to improve pasture for their livestock. These fires pose a direct threat to the Barba Azul Nature Reserve, where the Barba Azul field team, firemen,…

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Cock-tailed Tyrant

November   Cock-tailed Tyrant Scientific name: Alectrurus tricolor Spanish name: Tirano cola de abanico, avioncito Status: Vulnerable (IUCN red list of endangered species) Habitat and behaviour: Rare to uncommon and local in cerrado and seasonally flooded savannas like the Beni lowlands in Northern Bolivia. In Brazil it remains locally common only in a…

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Six thousand macaws saved by Armonía’s alternative feather program


Armonía’s educational program empowers the Moxeño native communities to protect the Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaws by promoting the use of alternative feathers for the traditional Moxeño headdresses used in the machetero ritual dances. Since 2010, Armonía and Moxeño communities have saved over 6000 Macaw individuals of four macaw species and…

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Critically Endangered macaw chicks fly the nest boxes

Blue-throated Macaw chicks in their nest box

Last year, we celebrated as 10 Blue-throated Macaw chicks safely hatched and fledged from our artificial nest boxes.   This is fantastic news for a Critically Endangered species that is being driven to the edge of extinction. One of the main factors halting the recuperation of this species has been the lack…

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