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American Kestler

Scientific name: Falco sparverius

Spanish name: Cernícalo Americano

Status: Least Concern (IUCN red list of endangered species)

Habitat and behaviour:

Rare to locally fairly common but widespread in open country in dry to humid lowlands and highlands including towns and cities. Especially atracted to manmade hunting perches such as powerlines, antennas or poles. It can be seen solitary or in pairs. Highly vocal.

It hunts insects, small mammals, and reptiles from a perch or on the wing. Hovers above fields on rapidly beating wings, or soar in place in strong winds above the hillside. Its flight style is quick and buoyant, with wings usually swept back.

The bird in the clip above is well known to visitors and staff of Barba Azul Nature Reserve, as it perches often on a pole next to the dining hall of the biological research station.


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