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Conservation projects for the Blue-throated Macaw played a prominent role at the recent American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) Conference, held from September 28 to 30, 2023, in Dallas, Texas, United States. The event featured the participation of Bennett Hennessey, Development Director at Armonía, and Luz Natalia Mercado, Coordinator Blue-throated Macaw Conservation Program at Armonía.

Bennett Hennessey delivered a detailed presentation on the Blue-throated Macaw conservation projects in the Barba Azul Nature Reserve, while Luz focused on the projects in the Laney Rickman Reserve, highlighting notable achievements and the work of the nest box program, as well as the habitat restoration project for the Blue-throated Macaw.

During the event, the following video was presented, showcasing the impressive results of the 2023 nest box program, detailing the development of all chicks from successful nests, along with all the observations made possible through camera trap monitoring:

In addition to the presentations and shared information, an auction event featuring over 40 exclusive items was held with the purpose of fundraising for the habitat restoration project in the Laney Rickman Reserve, a crucial initiative for the conservation of this endangered species.

During the conference, recognitions were presented by the AFA to Dorothy S. Paterson, Laney Rickman’s sister. Bird Endowment, one of the sponsors and active participants in the event, awarded a special recognition to Buddy Waskey, a board member of Bird Endowment, for his significant support to Dorothy at the AFA. Additionally, Dorothy presented a symbolic check for the amount raised for the 2024 nesting season.

The Armonía Association is proud to have had the opportunity to present its conservation projects related to the Blue-throated Macaw at this renowned event and expresses gratitude to Dorothy S. Paterson, Bird Endowment, and all the donors supporting this vital cause. We will continue to work tirelessly to protect this unique species and its habitat.



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