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Saving the mysterious and threatened Masked Antpitta by protecting its habitat in the Amazon rainforest

There is little known about the mysterious Masked Antpitta (Hylopezus auricularis). It is found only in Bolivia’s Amazon, in a small area within the Várzea forests that surround Riberalta city.

This habitat is decreasing due to the high demand for timber from numerous factories in the city. The forest is also impacted by small scale agriculture and hunters that frequently disturb the area.

Amonía carried out a preliminary study into the species, with the aims of:

  • Determining the priority important areas to protect the Masked Antpitta
  • Discovering the most important ecological characteristics
  • Understanding the requirements of this species
  • Evaluating the complex socio-economic context

We are using this information to design the best strategy to prevent the extinction of this species.

We identified San Vicente as the most important area that contains a permanent population of Masked Antpitta. The municipality of Riberalta declared San Vicente as a protected area several years ago, but effective measures to safeguard this site have not been implemented. So we will work together with the municipality to develop a proper management plan for the area.

We will also launch an educational campaign in Riberalta to support the enforcement of this protected area. Although this program is in its initial stages of development, we have had great success with educational campaigns in the past, having raised awareness to significantly reduced the illegal trade in Blue-throated Macaws across the country.

With the right support, we are confident that we can achieve this same level of success for the Masked Antpitta to save its habitat in the Amazon rainforest.


We are very keen to escalate our conservation efforts to secure the protection of the Masked Antpitta forever. The program urgently needs support to fund an educational campaign to support the enforcement of the protected area.

If you would like to support the Masked Antpitta program – to save this little known threatened species – please donate.


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