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A truly out-of-the-way adventure that you’ll never forget

Barba Azul Nature Reserve is the only private Reserve protecting the Beni savanna ecosystem, home to the endemic, Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaw. With a total population of fewer than 450 individuals, this macaw depends on the raised forest islands dotting the seasonally-flooded savanna for its survival. Home to the largest of three subpopulations of this rare macaw, Barba Azul offers the best opportunity to observe sizable groups as they forage among the palm forests and fly out to roost each evening. 


Among the many other species that benefit from Asociación Armonía’s conservation efforts such as fire protection and reforestation are Maned Wolves, Giant Anteaters, and large felines. The Reserve’s incredible biodiversity is a result of its 11,000 ha. (27,180 acres) encompassing a wide variety of habitats like savanna, cerrado, gallery forest, palm forest island, marsh, and river habitats. Nature observation throughout this varied terrain is possible on horseback, by boat, or along an extensive system of hiking trails.

The Barba Azul lodge offers tourists amazing wildlife viewing with proceeds contributing to the sustainability of Armonía’s Blue-throated Macaw conservation program. Four rustic cabins provide an experience that combines comfort with close contact with nature. Each cabin overlooks the Omi River on one side and is reached by a short walk down a forest trail. Each cabin is furnished with two twin beds and has a private bathroom.The dining area, where a screened-in atmosphere allows for comfortable dining while enjoying the view, is the central gathering area. Meals are served on flexible schedules to accommodate hiking and wildlife observation, and hammocks provide relaxation after full days. Whether you wish for a cup of coffee on the patio or an evening recapping your day and visiting with your group, the views of Barba Azul are always close at hand.

For larger groups, 8 additional guests can stay in the Biological Research Station. Semi-private rooms and two shared bathrooms are available when not in use by visiting researchers.

What about the birds?

The Reserve is a bird watchers’ haven; it is home to 354 bird species, with records of 179 birds seen in a day. There are some exceptional species that you don’t want to miss: in addition to the Blue-throated Macaw, they are the Cock-tailed, Sharp-tailed, and Streamer-tailed Tyrants; Black-masked Finch, White-rumped Tanager, and Buff-bellied Sandpiper. Each day spent at Barba Azul can yield a totally different list of observations, as the trail system offers paths through each of the Reserve’s habitat types. Even a morning spent lazing around your cabin, with the marsh on one side and forest on the other, can result in some once-in-a-lifetime observations! While Barba Azul is a natural area and sightings are somewhat unpredictable, our staff can give you pointers on the best areas for observing each of your must-see species. 

See the Barba Azul Bird eBird Checklist for full details.

Blue-throated Macaws are most abundant on the Reserve from March-October, as they mostly migrate away during their breeding season. This season luckily coincides with the least amount of flooding in the region and the potential to cover more terrain while visiting!

What conservation measures will my visit support?

All proceeds from tourism are destined to support conservation measures for the Blue-throated Macaw and the other species that depend on the Beni Savannas habitat. The dollars spent on your once-in-a-lifetime vacation make possible the creation and maintenance of firebreaks and trails, allow for habitat protection and restoration, and support the activities of the Barba Azul park rangers. See our Barba Azul Reports page to get a better idea of each year’s conservation activities. 

How to arrange a visit

The cost to visit Barba Azul is US$600 per person for a 3 night/4 day stay. Extra nights can be added to a reservation for $200 per person per night. This price includes lodging, meals, boat trips, horse-back riding(please check availability), and complete access to the Reserve. Transportation and English-speaking guides must be arranged independently.

Due to the remote location, advance reservations are required. Please make a reservation using our online reservation system, or contact us by Whatsapp: +591 71391856 or emails: or

Getting There and Away

Getting to the Reserve by vehicle is very difficult and only possible in the dry season, between June and Sept. Unexpected rains could make the safety and possibility of overland travel questionable even then. 

Due to the seasonal flooding and inaccessibility, we generally recommend arranging for chartered flights to and from the Reserve from Trinidad, the capital of the Beni department. These flights can either be direct from Trinidad or have a stop-over in Santa Ana de Yacuma. If visiting the Reserve upon arrival from or departing to another country, please take into account transport time to and from Trinidad, as well as to and from the Reserve. Barba Azul is definitely off the beaten track, but you’ll find the experience worth the extra hassle to get there!

If you do not wish to travel independently to the Reserve, we can recommend a local tour agency that specializes in bird watching, wildlife and photography tours that are led by English speaking guides.

Transportation and English-speaking guides must be arranged independently. Asociación Armonía can provide contact information for making these arrangements but does not contract or guarantee these services. 

Book your Getaway

Please proceed to making an online reservation. If you have questions or doubts during the process, contact us at , or by Whatsapp at +591 71391856.

All transportation and English-speaking guides must be arranged independently. Asociación Armonía can provide contact information for making these arrangements but does not contract or guarantee these services. 

Reservations must be made at least 15 days in advance. Cancellations are possible up to two weeks in advance of the reservation; however, only 80% of the total is refundable.

All proceeds from tourism benefit conservation efforts in favor of the Blue-throated Macaw and the biodiversity of the Beni Savannas. Thank you for contributing to the well-being of Bolivia’s biodiversity by choosing to visit the Reserve!

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