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GIS Resources

Map of Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) of Bolivia for GIS. Download



The IBAs Global initiative (Important Bird Areas) of BirdLife International evolved in today’s  Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) initiative that is led by BirdLife International, IUCN, Amphibian Survival Alliance, Conservation International, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, GEF, Global Wildlife Conservation, NatureServe, Rainforest Trust, RSPB, WCS and the WWF. Asocación Civil Armonía compiled data and built the map of the Bolivian IBAs in cooperation with the secretariat of BirdLife Americas.  The map was created by Soria-Auza & Hennessey (2005) and updated by Maillard et al. (2009).

Map of  AZE (Alliance for Zero Extinction) sites of Bolivia. Download



An Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE) site contains the global population of at least one Critically Endangered and/or Endangered species. If the natural habitat in any of these sites is destroyed, then at least one species will go extinct. These sites are priority areas for the protection of earth’s most threatened biodiversity, and therefore, critical to prevent the extinction of any species in the world. Asociación Armonía is the key partner in this alliance that helped identify the AZE sites for the most threatened Birds of Bolivia. For more information on AZE sites and the interactive AZE map check:

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