Where We Work

Armonía has multiple conservation programs across Bolivia that couple environmental protection with improved livelihoods and living standards for the Bolivian people. Our programs combine 3 main elements to guarantee long-term success:

Protected Areas

By working in collaboration with local communities, we have created nature reserves across the country to save ecosystems from development. This safeguards all the interdependent animal and plant life that need each other to survive. We identify key sites for protection by carrying out scientific research and investigation.

Educational Campaigns

We run educational campaigns to raise awareness and create behavior change to save species that are threatened by habitat destruction and the illegal pet trade. Many local people are not aware of Bolivia’s biodiversity and why it needs to be protected. We want generation after generation to feel proud of their country’s natural heritage and inspired to protect it.

Improved Livelihoods

We run training workshops to develop local people’s skills so they can diversify their income. We need communities to become actively involved in conservation if we are to secure Bolivia’s wildlands and wildlife into the future. This is a challenge in a poor nation that is looking for ways to develop quickly. We must prove that nature conservation can improve livelihoods and living standards for poor and marginalized people.

Explore our current Conservation Programs:

barba-azul-nature-reserve-bolivia-armonia (2)Barba Azul Nature Reserve program

Protecting the Beni Savannas of northern Bolivia, an endemic habitat that is home to a wealth of threatened species.

blue-throated-macaw-beni-savanna-bolivia-armoniaBlue-throated Macaw program

Saving the Blue-throated Macaw from extinction by creating the world’s first protected area for the species, while tackling the illegal pet trade nationwide.

red-fronted-macaw-bolivia-armoniaRed-fronted Macaw program

Protecting the endangered Red-fronted Macaw, while empowering Quechua indigenous people in the Andean valley of south-central Bolivia.

palkachupa-cotinga-steve-huggins-bolivia-armoniaPalkachupa Cotinga program

Saving the endangered Palkachupa Cotinga, while supporting Leco indigenous communities in the Andes of north-western Bolivia.

Cochabamba Mountain-Finch program

Protecting the Cochabamba Mountain-Finch from extinction, by creating a community-run tree nursery to save its threatened forest in the Cordillera de Cochabamba of central Bolivia.

polylepis-forest-bolivia-armoniaPolylepis Forest program

Creating protected areas of Polylepis forest with community collaboration in the remote valleys of the Andes, to save two highly specialized and endangered birds.

hylopezus-auricularis-masked-antpitta-d-alarcon-c-mateuMasked Antpitta program

Saving the mysterious and threatened Masked Antpitta by protecting its habitat in Bolivia’s Amazon rainforest with collaboration from indigenous communities.

horned-curassow-pauxi-unicornisHorned Currasow program

Saving the most threatened bird in Bolivia, the Critically Endangered Horned Curassow, from the edge of extinction.

Explore our past Conservation Programs:

andean-condor-bolivia-armoniaAndean Condor program

Researching  the population size of Andean Condors in Bolivia to better understand its conservation status.

titicaca-grebe-bolivia-armoniaTiticaca Grebe program

Protecting the endangered Titicaca Grebe by protecting its wetland habitat of Lago Poopó in the Altiplano Mountains of south-western Bolivia.

jamess-flamingo-phoenicoparrus-jamesi-s-k-herzog-copyAndean Wetlands program

Monitoring high Andean wetlands and lakes to protect bird species in the face of human pressure and climate change.

wattled-curassow-joe-tobias-bolivia-armoniaWattled Curassaw program

Protecting the Wattled Curassow in Bolivia’s Amazon forest, through support of community-run ecotourism and environmental education.

cranioleuca-henricae-bolivian-spinetail-d-alarcon-c-mateuBolivian Spinetail program

Safeguarding the endangered Bolivian Spinetail by empowering a local community in the Andes of western Bolivia.

Tucumán Parrot program

Saving the Tucumán Parrot from extinction, by protecting its threatened cloud forest in the in the Andes of southern Bolivia and tackling the illegal pet trade nationwide.

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