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Discover Bolivia’s wildlands and wildlife, with an ecotourism trip that supports nature conservation and empowerment of local people.

Photo by Bennett Hennessey.


A wildlife watching holiday in Bolivia immerses you in a country of extraordinary diversity; from its spiraling snow-capped mountains and flamingo-filled altiplano, down into its steaming rainforests and flooded savannas to the land of jaguars and macaws.

Our two nature reserves, in north and south of Bolivia, are havens for wildlife lovers and bird watchers. They guarantee you a rare opportunity to spend time in the wild with endangered species that are found nowhere else on Earth.

By visiting our reserves you will not only experience the beauty of Bolivia, but will directly support the conservation of its natural heritage and the empowerment of its people. Contact us so that we can start planning your Bolivian wildlife watching holiday »

Explore the Barba Azul Nature Reserve

The palm islands of the Barba Azul Nature Reserve are in northern Bolivia, where the Beni savanna meets the foot of the Amazon basin. Hoards of charismatic Blue-throated Macaws can be seen at the reserve; a Critically Endangered species that is found nowhere else on Earth. The reserve is a safe haven for a wealth of other threatened birds, being home to 329 species, with records of 179 birds seen in a day. It is also attracting more regular sightings of mammals – such as Pampa Deer, Giant Anteater and Maned Wolf.

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red-fronted-macaw-bolivia-armoniaDiscover the Red-fronted Macaw Nature Reserve

Nestled in the Andean valleys of south-central Bolivia, the reserve’s spectacular sheer cliffs provide a backdrop to a dramatic wildlife watching experience. Hoards of charismatic Red-fronted Macaws nest in the cliffs every evening, giving you the rare opportunity for a close encounter with an Endangered species that can be found nowhere else on Earth. The reserve provides a safe haven for 184 bird species, making it the perfect holiday destination for keen bird watchers and other wildlife enthusiasts.

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Map: Where are the Nature Reserves?

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It is possible to travel independently to the reserves or join a tour with an agency that specializes in bird watching, wildlife and photography packages. To discuss all the possibilities, please contact us so our team can help you plan a unique wildlife watching holiday in Bolivia.

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