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The Tropical Andes is one of the biologically most diverse regions on Earth, with a wide variety of ecosystems that are increasingly exposed to the adverse effects of climate change. These ecosystems provide key goods and services to local communities, whose livelihoods depend on intact, functioning ecosystems.

A better understanding of the interactions between climate change, biodiversity and sustainable land use is a key element to ensure human well-being in the region. Alongside the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI) and other partners, Armonía lead the biodiversity component of the BioClimandes project, the first of its kind.

It was a large-scale effort, involving more than 50 experts of different areas, governmental and non-governmental organizations, universities and local communities.

– pointed out Sebastian K. Herzog, scientific director of Association Armonía, BioClimandes partner organization in charge of coordinating the project’s biodiversity component.

This innovative, multidisciplinary project developed a novel methodological approach to the complex interactions between climate change, land-use change, and ecosystem vulnerability in order to pinpoint high-risk areas in one of Earth’s most important and threatened biodiversity hotspots, the Tropical Andes. It brought together a variety of academic, governmental, and non-governmental institutions from within and beyond the region in a substantial collaborative effort, fostering regional networking, collaboration, and partnerships.

Intensive dissemination of project results through multiple communication channels and training workshops on the method and tools developed ensure that the approach can be replicated widely and address the region’s need for capacity building in vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning. Collaboration with environmental ministries established a direct science-policy interface.

For further details on the BioClimandes project, its results and recommendations, please watch the project video here:

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