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Horned Curassow

Scientific name: Pauxi unicornis

Spanish name: Paujil Copete de Piedra/ Pilisto

Status: Critically Endangered (IUCN red list of endangered species)

Habitat and behaviour:

Elusive bird species present in wet lower Yungas ecoregion and foothill forests. Mostly solitary and very difficult to detect when not singing. Sings from late austral winter to early summer.

It is the most threatened bird species Bolivia. It was nearly hunt to extinction and it is estimated that in the next 10 years nearly 90% of the forests that the species needs to survive could be wiped out.

With the support of American Bird Conservancy, Armonía conducted two successful expeditions to the remote Carrasco National Park and located remaining populations of the Horned Curassow.

With this new information in hand, now we are able to design a strong conservation project protect the habitat of the Pauxi unicornis. Through educational programs we will also empower local communities to generate alternative incomes from ecotourism.



Please help us to save the most threatened bird species of Bolivia. Our program urgently needs support to implement educational prgrams and launch a solid conservation project for the species .


We thank our international partners and individual donors for supporting the Horned Curassow conservation program.

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