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birds-of-bolivia-field-guide-tshirt-design-armoniaThe Birds of Bolivia Field Guide is only a few months from publication. Discover how it will help save Bolivia’s threatened wildlife, while empowering local people…

Bolivia is the sixth richest nation in the world for bird diversity, yet lacks a field guide and a comprehensive inventory of its birds. This means its wealth in avifauna is not well known, and birders often hesitate to embark on birding trips to Bolivia.

In 2005, Armonía embarked on an ambitious project to change this. The aim of the field guide is to increase local people’s awareness of their natural heritage and biodiversity, while ensuring that communities benefit from increased ecotourism.

The project is led by Armonía’s Scientific Director, Dr. Sebastian K. Herzog, who said:

“Bolivia is the last megadiverse country without a proper field guide to its birds. Armonia has been working on this much awaited guide for the past 10 years. Field guide production has been a long and winding road, but long at last, we have entered the final stretch!”

Here at Armonía we are highly experienced at uniting environmental protection and awareness raising with improved livelihoods and living standards for our people. With this vision in mind, we are investing revenue from the book sales into the country’s sustainable development, as well as raising environmental awareness locally, regionally, and nationally.

Natural history guides are usually produced by a commercial publishing house, with book sales mainly benefiting the publishers. There is no direct benefit for the sustainable development of the country covered by the guide, or for biodiversity conservation within its boundaries. Our vision is different and we believe we can do better.

To celebrate the occasion, we have released a new promotional field guide T-shirt for sale in our Santa Cruz office and at selected international events abroad in the coming months (see photo of T-shirt design above).

Please get in touch if you would like to be kept up-dated on the field guide’s publication.

Discover more about the Birds of Bolivia Field Guide »

We would like to thank the generous private and public donors who have made the Birds of Bolivia Field Guide a reality.

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