How the Friends of Barba Azul Nature Reserve are working together to create the world’s best protected area for the Blue-throated Macaw

The Barba Azul Nature Reserve in northern Bolivia, where the Beni savanna meets the foot of the Amazon basin, was created in 2008 to protect the Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaw.

The palm forested islands of the reserve are also home to a wealth of other wildlife, including Jaguar, Puma, Maned Wolf, Ocelot, Giant Anteater, Black Howler Monkey and Crowned Eagle. Just to name a few of the impressive species that find a safe haven in the Barba Azul Nature Reserve.

Read the Barba Azul Nature Reserve 2015 Report »

This reserve was made possible thanks to the generosity and support of a handful of people, who are passionate about saving the wildlands and wildlife of Bolivia. Friends of Barba Azul Nature Reserve is a club of enthusiastic supporters who are collaborating for the ongoing conservation of the reserve. Barba Azul stands as their living, flourishing legacy – a gift to the world.

We would like to thank the Friends of Barba Azul Nature Reserve for their help and commitment:
Kevin Cox
David & Patricia Davidson
Jonathan Franzen
Benjamin Olewine IV
John W. Terborgh & Lisa Davenport
Urs-Peter Stäuble

Armonía’s goal with Barba Azul Nature Reserve is to create the best protected area possible, through using the ideal mix of thrift, conservation science, neighborly assistance, modern management techniques and humility.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Friends of Barba Azul Nature Reserve, please contact the Executive Director of Armonía, Bennett Hennessey:

Thank you for your support

Photo gallery of the Barba Azul Nature Reserve

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