Titicaca Grebe program

titicaca-grebe-bolivia-armoniaSaving the endangered Titicaca Grebe by protecting its wetland habitat of Lago Poopó

In the Altiplano Mountains of south-western Bolivia, Armonía is working to protect Lago Poopó in collaboration with the Centre for Studies in Theoretical and Applied Biology (Centro de Estudios en Biología Teórica y Aplicada – BIOTA). Sadly, Lago Poopó is being destroyed by mining, waste and over fishing.

The wetland is one of the most important sites for the Endangered Titicaca Grebe, the Vulnerable Andean Flamingo, the Near Threatened Puna Flamingo and the Chilean Flamingo. It is also an important stopover site for numerous nearctic migrants travelling to southern South America during the boreal winter (December to March).

In 2012 and 2013, Amonía and BIOTA worked with stakeholders and decision makers to create an action plan to decrease the impact of human activities on Lago Poopó. Now thanks to the support of BirdLife International and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, we will start implementing this action plan.

We wish to step up our efforts by running an educational campaign to raise awareness of the critical state of this wetland and the urgent need for action. Although this program is in its initial stages of development, we have had great success with educational campaigns in the past, having raised awareness to significantly reduce the illegal trade in Blue-throated Macaws across the country.

With the right support, we are confident that we can achieve this same level of success for the Titicaca Grebe and other threatened bird species to secure their future.


The Titicaca Grebe program needs support so that we can implement conservation measures and run an educational campaign to secure the protection of Lago Poopó.

If you would like to support the Titicaca Grebe program – to save many threatened bird species – please donate.


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