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Photo by Steffen Reichle

Help Armonía construct a deep-well for the Red-fronted Macaw Community Reserve.


UPDATE 10-01-2017:

With the help of generous supporters like you we already have raised $12,770!



Armonía created the Red-fronted Macaw Reserve and lodge with Quechua indigenous communities to save the macaw in the Mizque river valley. The watershed is seriously drying to the point now that water is not available for several months each year.

ecolodge-and-barrancaArmonía must raise $20,000 dollars to build a deep-well for the community of San Carlos, the Red-fronted Macaw Reserve, and to construct a native tree nursery. We need to ensure that water is available while the Mizque River is dry, so approximately 250 people will survive through the extended dry season, and natural fruiting plants remain in the area for the macaws.


Please consider supporting this important action with a US tax-deductible donation to Armonía through the America Bird Conservancy assisted web page.

Armonía is very appreciative of the support received so far. We have raised $11,000 to build a deep-well and a tree nursery to support communities at the drought stricken #RedfrontedMacawReserve. We only require $9,000 more to achieve our goal. Please consider supporting the #wellforsancarlos and the #RedfrontedMacaw.



For more information contact:

The Mizque river Valley before drought and at the peak of the prolonged drought (Photo by: Guido Saldaña)


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