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empowering-indigenous-communities-nature-conservation-bolivia-armoniaArmonía is committed to empowering local and indigenous people; we believe that nature’s protection can create improved livelihoods and living standards for some of the world’s poorest people.


One of our most established collaborative programs is with Quechua communities in south-central Bolivia.

By working in collaboration with three Quechua communities, we have created a nature reserve to protect the most important breeding site of the Bolivian endemic and endangered Red-fronted Macaw.

We established a community-run ecotourism project at the reserve, where bird watchers, wildlife photographers and nature lovers can become immersed in the beauty of the Andean valleys.

The profits from the ecotourism are divided equally among the communities and we are helping them diversify their income further through honey and papaya production.

The Red-fronted Macaw program is empowering the Quechua indigenous people through entrepreneurship, while generating a direct financial benefit from conserving the macaws and their habitat.

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