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Oreopsar bolivianus
Bolivian Blackbird – Illustration by Oscar Tintaya from the “Birds of Bolivia Field Guide”



Bolivian Blackbird

Scientific name: Oreopsar bolivianus

Spanish name: Tordo Boliviano

Status: Least Concern (IUCN red list of endangered species)

Habitat and behavior:

Fairly common in dry scrub, open river-edge woodlands and agricultural fields, in the inter Andean dry valleys of central Bolivia. It can also be locally common in semi-humid Polylepis forests on the Eastern slopes of the Central Andes (e.g. Tunari National Park). It is typically found from 1400 to 3000 m., but in some places, such as San Miguel (Tunari National Park), can be found up to 3700 m.

This species usually forages on insects and other arthropods, and frequently also on crops. Typically seen in large flocks up to 50 birds.

A reliable hotspot to see the Bolivian blackbird is the Red-fronted Macaw Community Nature Reserve, where the species breeds in cliffs as the Red-fronted Macaw. It can be easily seen on the feeders at the Red-fronted Macaw lodge some three meters away from the breakfast table.

[youtube id=”GAY8ldVg6cA” align=”center” maxwidth=”700″]


At Red-fronted Macaw Community Reserve we protect the Endangered Red-fronted Macaw and many other species with the help of local indigenous communities. Please consider supporting us and the communities of San Carlos, Perereta and Amaya to run the Red-fronted Macaw Community Lodge. Thank you. 



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